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Custom Travel Rods

Many Highliner clients fish all over the world and find it more convenient in many instances to fly with a 3 piece or 4 piece travel rod. The travel rods break down into shorter sections similar to fly rods so they can fit into carry-on luggage.

At Highliner Custom Rods, we build state of the art high performance custom freshwater travel rods and saltwater travel rods. These rods are aesthetically beautiful as well as being a tool that will break the will of the largest fish that swim.

Each Highliner Custom Rod is individually numbered and personalized with each client’s name. These travel rods on average will be lighter and stronger than anything you have ever fished.

Rod Blanks:

Harrison, CMW, MHX, Batson, Phenix, Northfork Composies, St. Croix, Talon

Rod Grips:

Our rod grips are one of the big things that sets Highliner apart. We take pride in the fact that all of our grips are custom built by us in our shop. Any shape, diameter, or configuration can be built. Our cork comes direct from Portugal and is what we refer to as Superior Grade. It is the finest quality available in the world today. Due to this fact, our grips do not contain as much “filler” as most factory built grips. As a result our grips do not “pit” or deteriorate over time like most other grips. We feel that a world class rod deserves no less. Carbon fiber grips are also available and built from scratch. Any shape, diameter, or configuration can be built. Carbon fiber is lighter than cork, more durable, and more sensitive. Any of our grips can be fitted to the hand of the individual client.

Rod Guides:

Fuji, American Tackle, Alps

Reel Seats:

Fuji, American Tackle

Custom Rod Wraps:

Threadwork design and color

Matching rod sets available.

At Highliner Custom Rods we meticulously create world class travel surf rods and custom travel fly rods in limited numbers. Our custom fishing rods are fished all over the world. We have a very established international clientele located in such countries as Japan, Canada, Germany, England, Italy, and Belgium. We have even shipped rods to the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Only the highest quality rod blanks and components are used to create our beautiful high end custom fishing rods. No two of our rods are exactly alike, and our clients take pride in owning a rod that is truly one of a kind. The level of craftsmanship of our Salmon Rods and Steelhead Rods, Fly Rods and Spey Rods, Saltwater Fishing Rods, and Travel Rods is unmatched.

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