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Here’s a few examples of what people are saying about Highliner Custom Rods.

“Bill, I wanted to tell you one more time how thrilled I am with the rod you created for me. It seems perfect in every way. I believe it will function exactly as I wanted it to, and aesthetically it surpasses anything I have seen before. Thank you also for the hours we spent in speaking about the variables involved when I will finally use it: i.e. my target species, their size, my reel, line and leader, and the lures I most frequently use. It was very important time, very wisely spent. It is as though you have created a rod through my mind’s eye. I have fished passionately for over 50 years, and I have never denied myself anything in the way of tackle. I feel the rod you made for me is by far the finest rod I have ever owned. I will reach out to you again, I am sure. Until then, stay well.”

-Sincerely, Jon

“I have known Bill as a fellow outdoorsman for years. When I asked that he build me a custom spey rod, I was adamant that the rod was going to be used and used hard. I consider my rods tools of enjoyment. Little did I realize that a tool could be so beautiful. Thanks Bill”

-Mark Jensen, DMD

“Flyfishing is an art, a sport, and a meditation. Your use of abalone on this new Sage flyrod has made it a work of art, that is stunning in the sunlight, and fishes beautifully. It will be a treasure for a lifetime.”

-Michel Boileau, MD

“”Bill, My new salmon/steelhead rod you built me is easily the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I have ever seen. It also has the best balance and feel of any rod I have ever owned.”

-Randy Willis

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